Fling Android Game

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Fling! is a cool and interesting puzzle game. This challenging puzzle is based on a unique concept. More than 10,000 puzzles of this game can give hours of fun in your android device. In this game you have a set if colorful balls arranged in a grid. You have to clear all but one of the balls from the grid. But it is not that simple. There are some rules you have to follow. You can clear balls by flinging one ball to another which causes the second ball to move out of the grid. You can do this by swiping in a vertical or horizontal line. You can clear only one ball per move. But you cannot fling one ball to another if the balls are located in neighboring squares in the grid. Also you cannot swipe a single ball out of the grid. You have to fling logically to solve the puzzles in given time. There is option to undo a move. You can also get limited number of hints in each level.   Fling! has arcade, free...

Minimalistic Text – Fully customizable all in one text widget

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Minimalistic text is a highly customizable set of widgets that can display time, weather, battery status etc. You can display the information in your home screen in different ways. Minimalistic text widget presents the information in a simple and elegant way. It allows you to build custom widgets in different sizes that display the data you want. The widget is available in different sizes in horizontal and vertical formats. Minimalistic widget has a custom layout option which allows you to display date, weather, clock, battery and custom texts in different formats. There is a built in editor that help to configure the information and add different combinations of information. You can add the information easily by drag n drop. You can customize each and every part of the different information. You can change the font size and colors. You can display the combination of information in single line as well as multi line formats. The back ground color and transparency of the widgets can also be changed. Minimalistic text widget has option to display time and date as text as...

Meganoid Android Game

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Meganoid is an interesting Mario bros style platformer with cute graphics and retro style sound track. This fun game is developed by Orange Pixel. The game play is simple and fast paced. You have to move from the start point to end point in each level. But there are a lot of challenges on the way. You have to dodge the spikes and kill the monsters on the way. You have to jump through disappearing platforms and moving elevators and avoid the hazards. You can build your score by collecting the diamonds on the way. There will be hidden diamonds in each level. You can get a diamond star by collecting all the diamonds and time star by finishing a level within the specified time limit. You can unlock new characters and new levels by scoring diamond star and time star. The new characters are Sarge and Oreah. The Sarge and Orah levels are bit more challenging. The game has on screen controls. There are to icons to move forward and backward and one icon to jump. The game has...

Plumber Android Game

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Plumber is a simple and interesting puzzle game. In this game you will have a water inlet pipe at one end, overflow pipe at the other end and lots of pipe pieces.  Your goal is to connect the pipe pieces and make a continuous pipeline for the water to flow between the inlet pipe and the overflow pipe.  You have to make the path by rotating the pipe pieces of different shapes. You can rotate a pipe by tapping on it. You can’t move the pipes. After making a path, you have to open the inlet pipe by tapping on it for water to flow. You can go to the next level when water reaches overflow pipe.     This game has 50 levels. The first few levels are easy. The puzzles become more challenging as you progress. This game is developed by Monsters Game. Download Plumber Android Game is free in Android Market and is supported by advertisements.  

Doodle Jump Android Game

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Doodle jump is a simple and interesting tilt controlled game. The character in this game is a funny four-legged creature – Doodler. You have to guide him upwards through the platforms on the screen. He jumps automatically on hitting a platform. You can move upwards by jumping from one platform to another. You should not allow him to fall off. You can move him left or right by tilting the phone. While moving upwards, you can get boosts using the springs, jet-packs and rockets. You should avoid the monsters, blackholes and UFO’s on the way. You can shoot and kill the monsters by tapping on the screen. Your points depend on the distance traveled. The platforms are arranged closer to each other at the beginning of the game. The game becomes difficult as you progress. The game has beautiful cartoon style graphics. Doodle Jump is one of the best android games in the paid games category. This game is developed by Lima Sky and is available in Windows phone, iOS and Blackberry platforms also.

Where is my water – Android Game by Disney

November 29th, 2011 Posted in Android Games, Puzzle 1 Comment

“Where is my water” is a cool fun game developed by Disney. This is a really interesting and well designed puzzle. Swampy is a cute alligator who is very much concerned about cleanliness. He loves bath all the time. He lives in the sewage canals under the city. He is always in his bathtub. It is your job to give water for him. You have to make tunnels in the soils to direct water to Swampy’d bathtub. You can make path in the soil for water to flow by swiping on the screen. But there are lots of challenges you have to face. There are traps like algae and mines, dirty water and acids. The algae absorb water and grow. You should not allow good water to mix with dirty water or acids. You can destroy algae using acids. You can score bonus points by collecting Swampy’s shower items. You can also collect up to three Duck Bonus points. You will get Duck Bonus ponits when the water touches the rubber ducks which are at different points on the screen....

Stardash Android Game

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In 90’s people played games in devices like Nintendo’s Gameboy. The devices in that era had low resolution and some devices had only monochrome display. What about a game that gives the nostalgic feel in your smart phone and tablet? Stardash is a cool fun game.  It reminds us the arcade games of 90’s like Super Mario Bros. Stardash has a retro style graphics and sound. This two dimensional run and jump game has 40 levels in 4 chapters. You can go to the next level only after unlocking the previous level. It has on-screen controls to move forward, backward and jump. You have to move from one end to the other by collecting the coins on the way. All the levels are challenging. Lot of enemies will attack you on the way. You don’t have any weapons. But you can destroy the enemies by jumping on them. There will be two balloons at the end of each level for flying to the next level. You can score up to 2 stars in a level by collecting all the coins...