Minimalistic Text – Fully customizable all in one text widget

December 20th, 2011 No Comments

Minimalistic text is a highly customizable set of widgets that can display time, weather, battery status etc. You can display the information in your home screen in different ways.

Minimalistic text widget presents the information in a simple and elegant way. It allows you to build custom widgets in different sizes that display the data you want. The widget is available in different sizes in horizontal and vertical formats. Minimalistic widget has a custom layout option which allows you to display date, weather, clock, battery and custom texts in different formats. There is a built in editor that help to configure the information and add different combinations of information. You can add the information easily by drag n drop. You can customize each and every part of the different information. You can change the font size and colors. You can display the combination of information in single line as well as multi line formats. The back ground color and transparency of the widgets can also be changed.

Minimalistic text widget has option to display time and date as text as well as digits.  Instead of the regular format – 11:30, you can display the time as ELEVENthiry, Eleven30 or in whatever format. There are hundreds of options to display time and date.


Minimalistic text is available in free and paid versions.