Meganoid Android Game

December 19th, 2011 No Comments

Meganoid is an interesting Mario bros style platformer with cute graphics and retro style sound track. This fun game is developed by Orange Pixel.



The game play is simple and fast paced. You have to move from the start point to end point in each level. But there are a lot of challenges on the way. You have to dodge the spikes and kill the monsters on the way. You have to jump through disappearing platforms and moving elevators and avoid the hazards. You can build your score by collecting the diamonds on the way. There will be hidden diamonds in each level. You can get a diamond star by collecting all the diamonds and time star by finishing a level within the specified time limit. You can unlock new characters and new levels by scoring diamond star and time star. The new characters are Sarge and Oreah. The Sarge and Orah levels are bit more challenging.

The game has on screen controls. There are to icons to move forward and backward and one icon to jump. The game has option to use tilt controls also. You can use the six axis control pad in Xperia Play.

The current version of the game has 300 challenging levels. Meganoid has OpenFeint support to share your achievements online.

Meganoid is available in free and paid versions.