Guns‘n‘Glory – Defense strategy game

January 26th, 2012 No Comments

Guns’n’Glory is an interesting defense strategy game in the Wild West theme. This game has the same logic of the tower defense games. Instead of towers here you have cowboys and bandits. You have to destroy the settlers.

Guns n Glory

Guns n Glory

At the beginning of the game you will have sleeping bandits at different locations. You can wake and hire them by a tap. The bandits attack the enemies in their range. You can move the bandits according to the waves of settlers. This gives a better control. You will get points as you destroy the settlers. With these points you can hire more bandits. There are different types of bandits who attack in different ways. The Desperado attack with guns, Mexicans throw dynamites and Indians shoot flaming arrows. As the game progresses you can use other weapons like cannons, Gatling guns and dynamites. Also you can collect bonus points and bonus abilities. There are 15 different types of settlers. The game ends when a specific number of settlers pass through your area reach the other end.
This game has six different maps and 60 levels. You can choose three difficulty levels – Easy, medium and hard.
The game has western themed sound track and nice graphics. Guns’n’Glory is developed by HandyGames. They have released both free and paid versions.

Full version

Free Version

Free version has ads.