Greedy Spiders Android Puzzle Game

November 4th, 2011 No Comments

Greedy Spiders is a cool puzzle game. Your mission is to save the poor flies from Greedy Spiders by slicing the spider web.

Greedy Spiders is an interesting turn based puzzle. The poor flies got trapped on the spider web. The spiders and flies are at different nodes of the web. You have different tools to chop off the web and save them. At the first levels you have only scissors to cut the strands of the web. You can cut only one strand at a time. The spiders make a move from one node to another as you cut each strand. The level ends when a spider reaches a fly. The spiders make clever moves to reach the flies. You have to cut the strands logically to prevent the spiders from reaching the flies. There is only one spider at the beginning of the game. The number of spiders and bees will increase and the web becomes complicated as you move forward. You will get different tools in the higher levels.

Greedy Spiders is available in free and paid versions. The paid version has more levels. It costs $0.99. Greedy Spiders full version now comes with Halloween Scenario with 30 levels. Download: Free version, Paid version