Dream Zoo android game

March 6th, 2012 No Comments

Dream Zoo is a fun zoo simulation game. You can create your own zoo and raise different varieties of animals. Here the animals are of rare breeds. You will get points by keeping them happy. Using the points you can expand the zoo.  The beautiful animations make this game interesting.

Dream Zoo is the best zoo management game. At the beginning of the game, you will have one animal – a gazelle. You have to find a mate for him. By tapping the heart icon, you can find a mate for him. You can breed them by spending some points and get a new baby. You can import new wild animals using your points. The game has different levels. As you progress, you can unlock more varieties of animals.

Dream Zoo

Dream Zoo

There are three types of points – Zoo cash, coins and heart points.  You can earn the points by managing the zoo. Also there is an option to purchase points from the game store. There is an option to collect bonus points by achieving certain goals. You can also conduct jungle safari to discover new animals.

You can play Dream Zoo with your friends. You can add friends and visit their zoos and earn heart points.