Drag Racing Bike Edition

April 23rd, 2012 No Comments

Drag Racing Bike Edition is an interesting android racing game for bike lovers. This is very much similar to the original car themed Drag Racing – one of the best android games. Drag Racing Bike Edition is a straight line racing game between two bikes. Your performance in this game depends upon timely gear shifts. You can earn cash points and victory points through racing. You can upgrade your bikes and buy new ones using these points. You can also purchase game cash using real money.

drag racing bike edition

Drag Racing Bike Edition

There are different game modes – Quick race, career, online modes and training.  Quick race is a simple head to head racing with another bike. Career mode has different levels in different cities. You have to complete each level to go to the next level.  You have to complete all levels in a city to unlock the next city. You can earn cash and victory points from career mode. In the online mode, you can play with other players online. Online has Tournament, Face to Face and Unranked modes.  Unranked mode has riders battle and bet & race. The online modes are the easiest way to earn cash points and victory points in drag racing bike edition. Bet & race is the fastest way to gain (and lose!) cash points. Training mode has beginner, amateur and pro levels.

Your points in the race depend upon your victory and performance. You will also get different trophies as you complete different achievements.

Drag racing Bike edition has 17 different sports bikes to choose from. Ninja 650, Thundercat, Boxer, Super Blackbird, Castiglioni, slingshot etc. There are different options to upgrade your bikes. You can upgrade engine, nitro, exhaust, turbo, wheels and gearbox. You can also tune your bike to improve performance.

Download from Google Play: Drag Racing Bike Edition