Clouds and Sheep Android Game

November 8th, 2011 No Comments

Is it fun to play with cute sheep? Give them grass, throw them, pull the tail, make them love, create offspring, pour rain from the fluffy clouds and grow plants and flowers. Clouds and Sheep is an interesting game that can give hours of fun.

Your goal is to make the sheep happy and earn happy stars. You can make them happy by giving food, water, throwing them or pulling the tail. You can use the happy stars to purchase new sheep and other items like grass and tree seeds, apples, cold drinks and injections to make them happier.
You can make rain from the clouds. Join several small clouds to form a rain cloud. Tap the rain cloud to give rain. Joining more rain clouds form the dangerous thunder cloud. You can split the thundercloud into small clouds by shaking it.
The sheep fall in love on eating flowers. You can get a baby sheep by making a male and a female sheep love each other. By getting more sheep, you can unlock more items.
You will be given different tasks in each level. You can go to the next level by the completing all the tasks in a level.

Clouds and Sheep game is developed by Handygames. It’s free and supported by ads.
Download from Android Market
You can remove the ads by upgrading into paid version. The game store has an option to purchase happy stars using real money.