Clash of Clans – Review

January 3rd, 2014 No Comments


Clash of Clans has become one of the most popular strategy game in Android platform. This game is developed by SuperCell and is available for free download in Play Store.

Clash of Clans is for those who love strategy. In this game you can start your own village and build different buildings in it. You have to use different resources to build different buildings, improve its levels and train troops. You can use the troops to attack villages of ‘Goblins’ and other players. You can get trophies and loot resources by attacking other villages.  Also you have to defend your village from attacks of other players.

At the beginning you may feel that this game has got some taste of the popular browser game – Travian. But ‘Clash of Clans’ is completely different.


Clash of Clans has three different type of resources. Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir. You have to build Gold Mine, Elixir Collector and Dark Elixir Collector to produce these resources. You can build Dark Elixir Collector only in higher levels.

Town hall is the most important building in your village. The progress of your village mainly depends upon the level of the town hall. As you upgrade town hall levels you can unlock more and more buildings.

The currency in this game is ‘Gems’. You can use gems to purchase resources, boost production and instantly complete construction and training. You can buy Gems using real money or by completing different types of achievements.

You can train troops using Elixirs in Barracks. Most basic type of troops is called ‘Barbarians’. As you upgrade Barracks you can train more types of troops. In later stages you can build powerful troops from Dark Elixir. Different troops have different capabilities. Troops like Dragon and Balloons attack through air. Some troops destroy defense buildings first, while others are interested to loot resources. You can win battles only by deploying the troops strategically depending on the arrangements of buildings and defenses in the opponent’s village.

The defense buildings include walls, cannons and mortars which defend ground attacks and archer towers and wizard towers which defend both air and ground attacks. You will need good defense to save your village from attacks. You can buy ‘Shields’ to protect your village from attacks. You will get shield protection for some time when your village is damaged.

The game will have only single player mode at the beginning. You can attack ‘Goblins’ in the single player mode to get resources. In multi-player mode, you can attack random villages. You will also have option to revenge the players attacking you.

By building a clan castle you can start a clan or join one. You can get reinforcement troops from your clan members. You can’t use your own troops to defend your village, however the reinforcement troops will be useful in defense.




When you defeat other villages you will get trophies. You will lose trophies when you are defeated. You will get league badges according to the number of trophies you have.

Like Travian game, the construction time and troop training time may feel irritating. But you can avoid this by spending ‘Gems’.