City Story Game

June 27th, 2011 No Comments

Anybody interested to create a dream city? Here is an interesting game in which you can create your own virtual city – City Story. You can decorate your city and build different types of buildings.

City Story Game

City Story Game

In City Story, you can earn profit from the businesses. You can reinvest that money to build more facilities. You can build residences, hotels, restaurants, parks, schools, hospitals etc in your city. More people will come to your city as you build more residences. People become happy if you decorate the city.

You need Coins and City Cash to build new facilities in your city. Coins can be earned by starting manufacturing contracts in the factories. City cash you can purchase from the game store or earn by downloading promotional applications.

This game has social features in which you can visit the cities of other players. Also you can write on other’s wall. You can earn star rating by cleaning other cities.

This game has different levels. Your level will be improved as you build more facilities.  This game has colorful cartoon style graphics and good sound.

City Story Game is very much similar to Paradise Island Game.

City Story Game is free from Android Market.