Burn the Rope Android Game

July 29th, 2011 No Comments

Burn the Rope is an interesting accelerometer controlled game. It is an awesome puzzle with beautiful graphics and easy controls. In this game your goal is to burn the ropes arranged in different shapes. The game has more than 100 challenging levels.

Burn the Rope Game

Burn the Rope Game

You can ignite flame by tapping on the rope. The flame moves only in the upward direction. You have to rotate your device to keep the flame going. Otherwise the flame will go out. You have to burn at least 60% of the rope to complete a level.

In this game you can see different types of bugs moving along the rope. Each bug has different abilities. You can change colour of the flame by burning ants of required colour. The coloured rope can be burned only with the same colour flame. Spider makes a silk bridge on burning. Fire Bug explodes on burning. Water Bug puts out flame. In the higher levels you will get ropes of different colours in complicated shapes. You have to use the help of the bugs properly to completely burn the rope. There are bonus levels also in which you will have a time limit to catch as many of bugs as you can.

Burn the Rope Game is developed by Big Blue Bubble. It is one of the most popular games in iOS platform (iPhones and iPads). The game has both free and paid versions.