Best Android Themes in ADW Launcher

August 23rd, 2011 No Comments

One of the key advantage of Android is its endless customization possibilities. Android OS gives an highly personalized smartphone experience. Android Launchers are applications that allows you to customize your home screen. If you are tired with the default home screen launcher in your phone, you can install a new launcher application to get a new UI and more features. There are lot of launcher apps available.

ADW Launcher is one of the most popular Launcher applications. It is highly flexible and customizable. It supports themes also.

ADW Launcher has options to add up to seven screens. It gives options to hide icon labels in home screen and hide the status bar. You can change number of rows and columns in desktop to fit more icons and widgets. In the home screen dock, you can add up to five icons. The home-screen and app drawer rotates when you change the orientation of your phone.

The App Drawer has horizontal and vertical layout options Also you can change the App Drawer background color. Some themes add background image to the App Drawer. This Launcher has stylish graphic effects.

For opening ADW Launcher, press the home icon/button. You can see ADW Launcher option and other launcher options. Tap on the use default check-box to use ADW Launcher as the default home app. For going back to the old launcher, you have to go settings > Manage applications > ADW Launcher and then tap on the ‘Clear Defaults’ icon.

ADW Launcher is a free application. ADW Launcher Pro is a paid app and has more features.

ADW Launcher gives you option to change theme. You can download ADW Launcher themes from Android Market. Changing theme will give a completely new look and feel.

Best ADW Themes

  1. ADW.BuuF.Theme

ADW themeADW themeADW theme

  1. ADW.Elegant Theme

  1. ADW Ubuntu Theme

  1. Paperless System ADWTheme

  1. Black Glass ADW Theme