Best Android keyboard – SwiftKey X

November 26th, 2011 No Comments

Many people find it difficult to type using the normal touch screen keyboard. Android keyboard apps make the typing easier. Text predictor keyboards and swiping keyboards are more popular. Text predictor keyboards helps type fast by predicting and auto completing the words. Here is one of best and fastest Android Keyboards – Swiftkey X. It has a tablet version also – SwiftKey Tablet X.

SwiftKey X has an awesome text predictor. You can type very fast with less number of keystrokes. SwiftKey X has its own artificial intelligence engine. It uses your typing history, emails, facebook posts and contacts to make smart predictions. It predicts the next word before pressing any key. The smart predictions make it a mind reading keyboard.

There are three buttons above the keyboard which display the predicted words. The button on the center shows the primary prediction. SwifKey X has two different typing modes – Rapid and Precise.  You can enter primary prediction by hitting the space button in the Rapid type mode. In the precise mode, you can type more precisely and you have different options for the spacebar action. You can see the alternative characters (symbols) by a long press on any key. You can choose between different characters by swiping left or right. You can delete the words by swiping the finger from left to right on the keyboard.

SwiftKey Tablet X is the optimized version for tablets. It has a split key layout option. It helps the tablet users to type easily while holding it.

SwiftKey X keyboard allows you to change the appearance. It has four different themes. It supports different languages. You can use up to three languages at a time.

SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X have one free one month trial versions. The paid versions cost $2 to $3.