Angry Birds Space – Best Android Game of 2012 (Review)

March 27th, 2012 No Comments

Begins the space adventures of Angry Birds. Rovio has released its latest game – Angry Birds Space. This is the fourth Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space

This game happens in a strange galaxy. Angry birds are fighting with the space pigs to retrieve their eggs. The gravitational force of the planets plays an important role in this physics based game. The birds have got super powers to fight in the space.

Angry Birds Space is more challenging and interesting compared to other angry birds games. Here the space pigs build fortresses in small planets. You have to attack the pigs using slingshots in the space where the gravity is zero. The slingshot path is altered by the gravitational pull of the planets in the space. If a bird enter into the gravitational field of a planet, it will get altered by the gravity and it begins to rotate around it.

All the characters in Angry Birds Space has got super power when they traveled through the worm hole to reach the new galaxy. The classic red bird became Super Red Bird. The Yellow Bird is now Lazar Bird with purple color. A new character also joins the flock – Ice Bomb Bird. It has the power to freeze.

Currently there are two game worlds – Pig Bang and Cold Cuts. Each game world has 30 levels. One more game world called ‘Danger Zone’ with 30 levels can be unlocked through in-app purchase. There are five golden egg levels called Eggsteroids.

‘Danger Zone’ is now available free for Samsung users – Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2 – for all Samsung models.

Angry Birds Space is the most popular game in the Google Play Shop. Angry Birds Space is available for free in Google Play Shop. It is also available in Premium and HD versions.

Free version
Premium Version
HD version